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Cuisinart ICE-50BC Supreme Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart ICE-50BCThe Cuisinart ICE-50BC is finished in brushed stainless steel and allows users to create 1 and ½ quarts of frozen yogurt, ice cream or sorbet. With the 60-minute timer, users really don’t have to do anything. The machine works all on it’s own. The parts are easy to clean, making the machine very convenient to use. Perhaps the most convenient thing is that the machine has a built-in compressor, so there’s no need to freeze anything ahead of time. The paddle, bowl, lid, and spout is removable so the parts can be washed individually. It also features a convenient instruction and recipe book to help users create delicious treats.

One reviewer stated that this is the best ice cream maker he’s ever used, and that the need for alcohol and pre-freezing is non-existent with this machine, making it super-convenient. Another reviewer stated that he could make excellent ice cream with this machine in 40 minutes and that all he had to do was plug it in, dump in the ingredients and leave it alone. The convenience of not having to constantly check on the machine is what makes it so popular and beloved.

Other reviews state that the machine is very easy to clean up with the removable lid, spout, paddle and bowl. The pieces just need to be taken apart and placed into the dishwasher or sink when the ice cream has finished making. Based on the reviews, we feel very comfortable recommending it to those who want to make their own delicious frozen ice cream, sorbets, and yogurt. It’s not likely that anyone who purchases this product is going to be unhappy with the convenience, clean-up, ease-of-use, or any other aspect.

Cuisinart ICE-20 Automatic Ice-Cream Maker

Cuisinart ICE-20The Cuisiniart ICE-20 allows individuals to create their own ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet or other frozen drinks from the comfort of their own home. The process takes less than half-an-hour, and there is no need to include salt or ice. The chamber is frozen for approximately 8 hours – or overnight – until the liquid inside is frozen solid. The chamber and paddle are attached and the top is then placed onto the machine, with the ingredients being placed through the opening in the top. Add-ins can be placed in the mixture when it’s almost done, making the potential combinations endless.

Many reviewers praised the machine for creating great ice cream without the need for ice or salt, and most said that the product was easy to clean. It seems that there’s a bit of a learning curve with this machine, as several reviewers posted tips on how to get the best ice cream or sorbets by using the Cuisinart ICE-20. For instance, turning the machine on before pouring the ingredients in and freezing the bowl before using were common tips.

While there were several reviewers who couldn’t seem to get their ice cream to the right texture, it seems that there are certain flavorings and other ingredients that will cause problems with the texture of the ice-cream. Reviewers who had the right ingredients didn’t seem to have trouble with the consistency of the ice cream. Therefore, it seems that the actual ingredients were responsible for some of the negative reviews on this item. Based on the majority of reviews, it seems that this product is a safe buy as long as the correct ingredients are used. In fact, one reviewer had been using their machine for more than 8 years successfully. Most users are pleased with the strength, durability, and ease of this ice cream maker, which makes the Cuisinart ICE-20 a fairly safe purchase and investment.